VSOP-2 Trackins Station Meeting
10/31-11/01/06 @ JPL

Last updated: November 2006

Agenda, Meeting summary and Presantations

Meeting Summary:Minutes of VSOP-2 Tracking Station Meeting, 10/31-11/01/06

Tuesday 31 Oct

Meeting room AM : 138-316
Meeting room PM : 300-221

08:30-09:00 Arrive at JPL Visitors center, get coffee
09:00-09:15 Welcome and Introduction -Murphy
09:15-09:45 VSOP-2 Mission Update - Hirabayashi
09:45-10:00 European plans for VSOP-2 support- Gurvits
10:00-10:15 U.S. plans for VSOP-2 support - Murphy
10:15-11:30 Tracking Station Requirements - Kono/Murata
- overall requirements: number and distribution of tracking stations
- individual tracking station requirements
11:30-12:00 ISAS VSOP-2 tracking station - Kono
12:00-1:00 *** Lunch ***
01:00-01:30 Potential Spanish VSOP-2 tracking station - Lopez Fernandez
01:30-02:00 Potential NRAO Green Bank tracking station- Langston
02:00-02:30 Potential JPL tracking stations - D'Addario/Jones
02:30-03:30 Tracking stations lessons learned from VSOP - Ulvestad/D'Addario/Langston/Smith/Hirabayashi
03:30-04:30 Tracking station design discussion - All
- can we generate a common design?
- share components?
- place uplink on small nearby antenna?

Wednesday 1 Nov

Meeting room AM : 138-316
Meeting room PM : 138-316

08:30-09:00 Arrive at JPL Visitors center, get coffee
09:00-10:00 Tracking station input and output products - Murata
- in: schedule fiLe
- in: frequency predicts
- out:time-correction file
- out:telemetry data file
- out:VLBI data
10:00-10:30Correlator interface issues - Ulvestad
10:30-12:00Future plans - All
- Possible scenarios for sharing international tracking of VSOP-2
- A plan for convergence to a tracking plan (actions and schedules)
- Future interactions/meetings of this group
12:00-01:00*** Lunch ***
01:00-01:30Tour to JPL 12m tracking antenna- All
01:30-03:30Future plans continued- All
More discussions on tracking station design
- Action Items

Meeting Participants:

ISAS Hirabayashi, Hisashi
ISAS Murata,Yas
NAOJ Inoue, Makoto
NAOJ Kobayashi, Hideyuki
NAOJ Kono, Yusuke
OAN Bachiller, Rafael
OAN Lopez Fernadez, Jose Antonio
JIVE Gurvits, Leonid
NRAO Langston, Glen
NRAO Ulvestad, Jim
JPL D'Addario, Larry
JPL Jones, Dayton
JPL Meier, Dave
JPL Miller, Kevin
JPL Murphy, Dave
JPL Preston, Bob
JPL Smith, Joel